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妻・しほは、「カワムラ ソゥイング」の名前でオリジナルの作りを工夫した



We started our activity in the winter of 2014 under the brand name “Shitamachi Lab” with husband and wife. In April 2020, we have changed the name to “KAWAMURA”.

“Shitamachi Lab” was named with the idea of trying to create something unique, in the downtown“shitamachi” area of Tokyo, Shita-ya, a town of manufacturing. 

When we moved to Nagoya-city, Aichi, we decided to change the name to “KAWAMURA”. We want to preserve the name of the husband’s grandfather’s studio name, who was a craftsman, “KAWAMURA bag products”. And also want to include the meaning that the direction of our creativity has entered the next step.


 "KAWAMURA" by Satoru (the husband) 

He is creating tiny sculptures made of woods, antlers, etc.  And some leather works using his grandfather's tools.

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"KAWAMURA sewing" by Shiho (the wife)

She is creating cloth works with the original unique recipes.

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